One of the most important tools in an Actor’s career is your Headshot. Whether introducing yourself or updating a few new looks it is important that your photo represents who you actually are. What they want to see is you! A straight clear approach what is what Casting Directors love. An open palate of interpretation. “Keep them wanting to know more…”
Please call to arrange an interview 323.960.5111. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me any time by phone or email me I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Preparing for your Shoot

This is your session. It takes very little effort to really make it work. That includes knowing where you are going to fit in the business and bringing appropriate wardrobe to get what you need to accomplish that. You don’t need to starch your shirts (please don’t!!!) but nicely hung or folded without wrinkles is always helpful. Options are good…bring a few. And if your stuck on what to wear…watch TV for a bit and you’ll see exactly what to wear for commercial or theatrical shots. And please bring wardrobe that works with your coloring. It brings out your best results.


The biggest question is “do I need makeup”. The answer to that is mostly yes. Sometimes men can get away without it…but it does tend to even out skin tones and your face will absorb the light better. I have a list of my favorite Make-Up Artists and they are great and fun to have at the session or you are welcome to bring your own. If they are good and you’re happy with them it’s fine with me. I leave the choice up to you.


Getting your shots is a bit of a pressure situation for most actors and one way to eliminate stress from your day is to prepare before the day of your shoot and that includes your wardrobe. You’ll make it tougher on yourself if you’re grabbing wardrobe as you run out the door. Put some outfits together and then bring some choices and options. And wardrobe that is appropriate to what you want to accomplish. I can’t get your business shot if you don’t bring the suit! Shirts with “T” shirt under it, layers…jacket with a “T” or shirt, leather jackets, suit maybe with a dark toned shirt without a tie, colors that have some punch to them and not all light blue…it all adds to the dynamics of your shot and gives it good contrast and appeal. Remember…wardrobe really just makes a suggestion as to where you fit…but it’s all really still about your face!


$15.00 per image

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